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Twenty-Five Years’ Planned Maintenance

Steve Hartley started with the company in 1991 when petrol cost £0.94 per litre, Iraq invades Kuwait under the leadership of Saddam Hussein, The Dead Sea Scrolls were unveiled, The Super Nintendo Entertainment System was Launched.

Steve has three loves in his life firstly, Aston Villa where he is a life-long supporter and has seen them in both their glory days and in the sad position they currently find themselves. Let’s hope for better fortunes in the future Steve! Secondly Steve is a very keen fisherman and spends much of his spare time staring at a float in the hope of catching the “Supper Fish” which he has always promised his wife for their evening meal! Fishing must be very thirsty work as Steve seems to need to drink copious quantities of beer after each fishing adventure!

Steve is a great guy to work with and is constantly enthusiastic. His “Can Do” attitude is a wonderful attribute which ensures plant uptime is maximised and machine reliability is outstanding.

Steve has worked very hard for the company over the last 25 years, no-one has a bad word to say about him and it is with great pleasure the company has presented a cheque to Steve as a token of its thanks

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