Precision Technologies has one of the largest tool rooms in the UK. Please refer to our plant capacity listing below which highlights our current production capabilities.


1 CNC Mazak Nexus 250-II

1 CNC Mazak Twin Spindle Nexus 200S

1 CNC Mazak Nexus 200-II M

1 Colchester Centre Lathe


1 Hermle C800U 5-Axis Vertical Machining Centre

1 CNC Mikron VCP 600 Machining Centre

1 CNC Boston Digital High Speed Machining Centre

3 CNC Bridgeport Interact Milling Machines

1 CNC Bridgeport Interact with 4th Axis

1 CNC Bridgeport 720X Machining Centre

1 Manual Bridgeport Milling Machine

Gear Cutting

4 Sykes Gear Shaper

4 Hobbing Machines

2 Fellows Gear Shapers


3 CNC Jones & Shipman Suprema’s

7 Jones & Shipman Universal Grinders


14 Jones and Shipman Grinding Machines Fitted with Precision Indexing Systems for Spline and Gear Grinding.

Gear Grinding

1 CNC Okamoto SHG 360 Gear Grinder

8 Modified Kolb ZK Machines

1 CNC Klingelnberg Hofler Viper 500K


10 Surface Grinders fitted with either Diaform or Optidress

Jig Grinding

1 Moore No 2 Jig Grinder


1 Matrix No 16

1 Matrix 37 Ext

1 Matrix 37 Int

1 Matrix No 42

Spark Erosion

2 Charmilles Roboform 50/E EDM Machines

5 Charmilles Roboform 400 EDM Machines

2 Charmilles Robofil 4000 Wire Machines

2 Charmilles Robofil 240CC Wire Machine

1 Charmilles Cut 200SP

1 Charmilles Act Spark SD1 EDM Machine


1 R220 Flat Bowl Vibratory Super Finishing Machine

1 CN150 Bowl Vibratory Super Finishing Machine

1 MINI 120 FLAT Bowl Vibratory Super Finishing Machine

1 Electrox – Maxbox Laser Marking Machine


Purpose Built ISO 17025 (UKAS) Laboratory

1 Klingelnberg PNC 65 CNC Gear Checker

1 Klingelnberg PNC 35 CNC Gear Checker

1 Mitutoyo FN905 CNC Co-ordinate Measuring Machine

2 Mitutoyo BHN706 CNC Co-ordiante Measuring Machine

1 Mitutoyo Euro C Apex CNC Co-ordinate Measuring Machine

1 Mitutoyo BX303 Co-Ordinate Measuring Machine

1 Starrett H F 600 Horizontal Projector

1 CV1000 Contracer with Software

2 Involute and Lead Gear Testing Machines

2 Gear Roll Testing Machines

1 Sip Type 1002M Measuring Machine

1 Carl Zeiss Toolmakers Microscope

1 Mitutoyo RA100 Roundness Tester

3 Floating Carriage Measuring Machines

1 Mitutoyo SV2000 Skidless Surface Tester

2 Mitutoyo SJ201 Skidded Surface Testers

1 Mitutoyo SJ401 Skidded Surface Tester

1 Tesa Microhite

1 Rockwell Hardness Testing Machine

1 Matrix Ineternal Diameter Machine

1 Matrix Pitch Checking Machine


Creo Parametric



Camtek PEPS

NC Graphics


Dontyne Systems – Gear Production Suite

P.T.I. Gear Design Software


MIE Trak Pro