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Precision Technologies is a UK based manufacturer of precision cut & ground gears, splines, threads and gauges, which are used in the World’s most demanding and high profile industries. A well proven and unique combination of skills, equipment and metrology ensures that every component we produce is perfect: every detail of every product will meet our customers’ exact specification.


Precision Technologies has a worldwide reputation of being the manufacturer of quality precision products over a wide range of industries, such as:


Precision Technologies’ Engineers use the latest technologies in CAD/CAM, encompassing 2D vector based drafting and 3D parametric surface and solid modelling.

Increased programming accuracy and geometric conformance to design parameters enables quicker and more efficient manufacturing.

Systems employed at Precision Technologies include:


The company has held ISO17025 (previously NAMAS) approval for the UKAS calibration of Gear and Spline components and products since 1990.

ISO 9001 approval was gained in 1996 and AS9100 approval was gained in 2020.

A copy of the UKAS schedule of accreditation and UKAS & AS9100 approval certificates are available using the links below.

The company also has a fully equipped Inspection Laboratory for dimensional and surface measurement.

Equipment in the calibration and inspection laboratories includes: a Klingelberg Gear inspection System, SIP 1002 length measuring machine, Zeiss measuring microscope, 4 CNC Mitutoyo co-ordinate measuring machines, 1 manual Mitutoyo measuring machine, Skidless Surface finish system with software, Contour Tracing system with software, specialist thread inspection machines, and traditional hand held equipment.