Precision Technologies manufacture many different types of involute and serration gauges to national and international standards including BS 3550, BS 2059, DIN 5480, DIN 5481, DIN 5482, ISO 4156, E22-141, E22-145, ANSI and SAE standards.

Internal and external gauge types include full form composite go and sector form nogo plug and ring gauges. Precision Technologies also have the capability to design and manufacture tapered spline, helical, concentricity and comparator gauges. A range of steels including general tool steels and high speed steels are used, utilising the best practice heat treatment to ensure wear resistance and dimensional stability.


  • UKAS or Precision Technologies certification supplied.
  • Gauges made to all national and international standards.
  • Gauges made to customer designs.
  • Gauges made to customer supplied product specifications.
  • Precision Technologies also offer a full gauge calibration service.

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