Precision Technologies started life in the 1960s as a specialist toolmaker supplying Birmingham’s automotive market, and has always been based in Tamworth, at the heart of the UK’s manufacturing region.

Precision Technologies grew rapidly and entered into the medical, aerospace, oil and gas, and motorsport component markets, where highly accurate power transmission components are required. Many of these components are used in high-profile, demanding applications where dimensional and metallurgical compliance is essential.

Master gears and spline gauge production was started in 1987, and in 1990 a fully accredited UKAS laboratory was installed.

The early 1990s saw Precision Technologies move into the aerospace market by offering a high accuracy service with a short lead time. Shortly after moving into aerospace, Precision Technologies was contacted by one of the country’s leading Formula 1 engine manufacturers, and was hired to produce high precision timing gears. This manufacturer now sees motorsport as one of the largest areas of its business, and Precision Technologies enjoyed a lengthy relationship with them and many other teams.

In 2001, Precision Technologies moved into the oil and gas business by supplying specialist thread gauges.

This business was acquired by the current management team in late 2015, who formulated a growth strategy. This is based upon the prompt manufacture of world class components, safely produced and validated using highly accurate metrology apparatus.

High precision components are manufactured for a number of industries; the largest being in the motorsport and aerospace markets. Parts such as transmission components, engine gears, pump parts and drive shafts are produced to very specific limitations. Whether in production runs, development or prototype, Precision Technologies gives unrivalled quality and first class service.

Master gears and spline gauges are designed and manufactured by Precision Technologies, a company which has a UKAS (formerly NAMAS) registered and approved metrology laboratory, which can therefore provide certification for all products.

The company has the ability to produce and measure products to extreme degrees of accuracy. Through the UKAS registration, such measurements are traceable to international standards, including PTB in Germany.

Tooling is manufactured for all metal forming operations, including: pressing, extrusion, rotary forging, orbital forging and metal powder compacting, swaging, squeeze forming, and hot, warm and cold forging. The company has first class plants and equipment, including nine spark-erosion and four wire-erosion machines. The very latest CAD/CAM facilities, incorporating full 3D modelling with DNC links, are installed and used.

Precision Technologies capabilities embrace a wide range of threaded parts, including a number of non-standard gauges and oil pipeline gauges.

The company is ISO 9001 & AS9100 rev D registered and has a large number of customer approvals.

The company exports products to 30 countries.

A full technical and product support service is available, and all enquiries are welcomed.

Precision Technologies employs 67 people and is part of the Gearing Up Limited group.