Precision Offload Components


Precision Technologies plant and equipment enable them to undertake full manufacturing or processing of one, two, or any number of operations.

CNC Turning

Precision Technologies has a range of CNC machines to suit your turning needs.

CNC Milling

Whether your requirement is a simple flat profile or complex 3D form, Precision Technologies provides a wide range of CNC milling machines and CAD/CAM facilities, which can meet any requirements.

Gear Cutting

Precision Technologies has a range of gear and spline cutting machines. While typical hob lead times are eight weeks, by using inserted hob blade technology, Precision Technologies can produce hobs in two days – a critical factor in reducing lead times to meet today’s ever-demanding delivery requirements.


Precision Technologies hosts a range of conventional and CNC universal grinding, precision form or surface grinding, and CNC jig grinding machines and equipment.

Gear Grinding

With CNC and conventional grinding machines fitted with purpose-built precision indexing systems, Precision Technologies has the ability to produce highly accurate gear and spline forms, including those with profile and lead crowning. The process is used for finishing precision components as well as to salvage components that have suffered heat treatment distortion. Helical and spur teeth ranging from 0.2 to 12 module can be ground to DIN quality 3 or equivalent.

Thread Grinding

Whether it be a one off or small batch, Precision Technologies offer a thread grinding service for internal and external threads and worms. Due to its API accreditation, Precision Technologies are able to offer Spec 5B and Spec 7 gauges to the oil and gas industry.

Wire Erosion/Spark Erosion[EDM]

With a range of state of the art CNC EDM machines, Precision Technologies has the ability to produce complex 3D forms in a range of materials from aluminium to carbide.


Vibratory finishing is used to improve surface finish and reduce stresses leading to improved performance. The process can also be used for deburring.

Products include: