The future is bright…

At PTI we are not just focusing on the here and now.  Quality, growth and succession are at the heart of our strategy.  We continue to invest in talent for the future and are proud to attract high calibre apprentices to our scheme in conjunction with In Comm each year. 

As we move into 2022 we look forward to recruiting another two apprentices to our growing team, and will see two of our existing apprentices, Kieran and George complete their apprenticeship which reflects their hard work and dedication throughout their apprenticeship. 

We are also proud that two of our apprentices, George and Joshua, have been invited to become Apprentice STEM Ambassadors for the In Comm Aldridge facility.  Nominations for this role acknowledges that our apprentices are excelling in their apprenticeships both at the In Comm centre and in our workplace and that they are held in high regard by their peers and tutors.  PTI welcome such opportunities for our apprentices helping them to gain further positive experiences which will help them to develop valuable skills for their future career with PTI. 

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