The National Physical Laboratory gains a highly competitive new member

Precision Technologies, a supplier to leading motorsport teams, has become the latest member of the UK’s National Physical Laboratory (NPL). This is a prestigious membership for the company and offers it access to equipment and scientists capable of helping in achieving improved accuracy in the measurement of sub-micron tolerances.

Kevin Parkin, Precision Technologies’ MD commented, “Whilst we have world class measuring equipment controlled by a UKAS accreditation in all our laboratories, we still need to be aware of the effects of stacked tolerances in assembled components. Our association with NPL will assist us in manufacturing components to an even higher degree of accuracy”.

Patrick Walker, the company’s Technical Director, welcomed the membership and the new relationship stating that “…the association with NPL will help in bidding for new aerospace and defence contracts where components can be manufactured and certified to increasingly demanding tolerances”.

For the manufacture of motorsport components, Director Colin Palin said that he was “enthusiastic about the ability to accurately measure and record sub-micron surface finishes of components as extensive interaction between tribologists, metallurgists and mechanical engineers is influencing the design and specification of critical powertrain components”.

Precision Technologies believes that by becoming a member of NPL, there will be opportunities to network with other manufacturers of high precision components and exchange process and manufacturing initiatives so as to maintain its enviable reputation for the highest quality precision components.

John Manchester, Operations director of Gibson Technology Ltd, a long standing customer of Precision Technologies, said; “we welcome this further commitment to excellence from Precision Technologies in their relentless pursuit of accuracy in what is an increasingly competitive sport. Such accuracy ultimately drives performance and reliability which, in turn, wins races and that is what our customers expect”.

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